Our client had a large car park at an out of town shopping centre with areas that were failing due to age and volume of traffic.

Services Delivered: Surfacing | Line Marking


NMC Surfacing were employed to repair and resurface several areas of the car park that were failing. There was also a HGV service road that had begun to subside and needed to be excavated and reinstated. All work was to be completed while the site was live with minimal disruption to the retailers and public.


As all retail outlets and car parks had to remain fully operational, Traffic Management was required. Herras fencing was used, which was supplied and installed by NMC Surfacing, and Traffic Marshals were on site throughout the project safeguarding the public and operatives. A phasing plan was agreed with the client prior to the works commencing to ensure minimal disruption.

One phase included a HGV access road which had started to subside. This had to be excavated and reinstated. All areas to be resurfaced were planed out to a depth of 40mm and base layer repairs carried out where required. All excavated material was removed from site. The car park areas were resurfaced using a 10mm SMA. All areas accessible to HGVs where resurfaced using a 14mm SMA.