Our client required a full repair to be carried out on the upper deck of their multi storey car park in a busy town centre shopping mall. The client wanted to use the repair as an opportunity to increase parking bays where possible.

Services Delivered: Waterproofing | Line Marking | Specialist Surface Treatments


The upper deck had developed hair-line cracks allowing water to seep through to the deck below. The reinforcement bar was also starting to show signs of corrosion. The 3600 m2 area required a complete repair and included resurfacing and lining.


The upstands and edge work required grinding and a 460 planer was used to remove the resin from the concrete deck. After the deck had been smoothed, cleaned, and primed, we prepared the hairline cracks and expansion joints in readiness to receive the membrane. All bays and roadways were body coated and sanded. Once these were dry and the excess sand swept we colour coated and white lined the area.

Following completion of the upper deck we removed the rusted rebar, gaining access from the deck beneath, we cleaned and primed these areas and fitted sacrificial anodes to prevent further corrosion. We were then able to undertake the restoration of the concrete.