Our client was looking to enhance the resale value of this busy industrial park and felt that the repair and resurfacing of the area would create a positive impact.

Services Delivered: Surfacing | Civil Engineering | Line Marking


This project was to be phased over three weeks and included both civils and resurfacing works. The civils work consisted of concrete repairs to five separate areas across the industrial estate, the installation of aco channels and dished concrete channels. It also included the removal and replacement of damaged kerbs. The planning and resurfacing element of the project was carried out over the following two weeks and included all identified foot paths and roadways.


All work was carried out during the day. Traffic management was required due to the nature of the site and the volume of traffic entering the industrial estate. The first phase of the project required us to break out and dispose of all existing aco channels and replace them with Class F900 aco channels, and repair 20 m2 of concrete in the same area. The remaining civils work included breaking out and replacing dished concrete channels, installation of a new D400 lid and grate, the removal, disposal and replacement of damaged kerbs, and the replacement of several channels.

The resurfacing element of the project was carried out over two further phases and included planning the surface course from the existing footpaths, which was then resurfaced along with excavating and resurfacing of the existing roadways. All lining was carried out following the completion of the surfacing.