NMC lay the foundations for Mental Health First Aid

A Doncaster Surfacing and Civil Engineering company are setting the standard in the Construction industry, NMC Group have recently appointed a Mental Health First Aider (MHFA), just one of a small number of companies who have someone within their organisation trained in Mental Health. Colleena Vozniak-Sears has successfully qualified as a MHFA after completing a 2-day course with the MHFA England.

Colleena said “The course was intensive and covered tough subject matter with some staggering statistics. As an employer we want to raise awareness and help to remove the stigma around mental health by doing all we can to support our people”. Stats show that in 2017 sixty percent of UK employees experienced a mental health issue related to their work or where work was a contributing factor. Thirty one percent have been formally diagnosed. Mental Health First Aid courses teach people to spot the symptoms of mental health issues, offer initial help and guide a person towards support.

Colleena described her role as “Being a point of contact for an employee who is experiencing mental health issues or emotional distress. This interaction could range from initial discussions and 1:1 support through to signposting the individual to get the appropriate professional support. The training also helped me to build on existing skills to support NMC line managers who may have concerns themselves or another employee’s mental health and well-being by providing guidance, information and support”. Mental Health is said to cost employers an estimated £34.9 billion a year, that’s £1,300 for every current UK employee. Simple steps to improve the awareness, signs and management of mental health will have a significant impact in preventing health issues arising.

Patrick McCracken, NMC Group Managing Director said “We recognised the importance having an appointed Mental Health First Aider within our organisation, I am immensely proud of Colleena for her dedication and commitment to qualify for this role and support our business in this manner. I hope more businesses can follow these examples and have dedicated internal Mental Health First Aiders available for their employees”. NMC Group aspire to lead the way with employee well-being, as part of this continual improvement Colleena has committed to complete the MHFA instructors training, this will create an internal Instructor to coach other NMC employees in Mental Health First Aid”.


NMC quick to pave the way for ex-Crummock Director David Jardine

NMC Group who operate as a Surfacing and Civil Engineering specialist throughout the UK were quick to take the opportunity to appoint David Jardine following Crummock entering receivership last month.

John Hatton, NMC Operations Director said “David brings a wealth of industry knowledge and experience within the Scottish region where we are enhancing our operations, as part of our success and growth plans we are opening a new prestigious office south of Edinburgh and David is the ideal person to lead such a development.”

David joins the well-established contractor as Regional Manager for Scotland following eighteen years at Crummock and is tasked with growing the brand and reputation of NMC and their work throughout Scotland.

David said “this was a perfect fit and following a captivating conversation with Patrick NMC offered a simple transition for me. The plans and developments of the organisation offer an exciting future.”

David Jardine